Random Acts of Prayers

Not as i will, but as You will, Father
O Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity
I invite You into my heart to purify me
that i may desire The Father's will
above my own desires.
Help me to imitate Jesus Christ,
Who is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.
He remained obedient to The Father as He prayed,
"Not as I will, but as You will, Father."
I offer [insert intention here]
for my own purification
that in my desire to humbly follow You
others may see the Eucharist i have received.
I ask this through Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God. Amen.

Holy Face through the Immaculate Conception
O Blessed Virgin Mary,
I ask for your special intercession
to the Holy Face of Jesus
which you lovingly gazed upon.
O Immaculate Conception,
pray for me
that my heart may be pure
so that I may see the face of God
as Your Son proclaimed in the Beatitudes. Amen.

In Response to the Inspiration of Suffering as the "School of Faith"
Lord Jesus, allow your disciple
to enter into the school of faith.
As the Blessed Virgin Mary knew of Your coming resurrection,
her joy was not complete
until she fully participated in Your suffering.
Is is only through my participation in suffering,
the school of faith,
that i will be able to receive the joy of Your glory.
I ask this through You, my Precious Jesus,
through the Immaculate Conception. Amen.

St. Joseph, Protect My Friend
O St. Joseph, protector and guardian
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, my mother,
and of my precious Savior, Jesus,
i implore your powerful intercession.
You humbly accepted your role
in being head of the Holy Family,
and through your openess to Our Lord's command,
you led them to safety.
Protect [insert name of person] as [he/she] seeks the Father's will.
Walk with [him/her] on [his/her] journey.
Protect [him/her] as you protected the Infant Jesus.
Guard [him/her] from all distracting thoughts
in [his/her] reception of the Most Holy Eucharist.
Calm any fears [he/she] may have
upon receiving the will of The Father,
and pray that [he/she] may have the fortitude
to accomplish The Father's perfect will
as [he/she] prepares for heaven.
I humbly ask this
through your Most Blessed Foster Son, Jesus. Amen.

I offer my heart as a flower clipped from Your crown.
It is damaged, Lord.
I am sorry for the damage that I have done do it
and the damage I let happen to it.
I offer my heart, Lord, as a flower from Your crown.
Clutch it tightly on Your way to Your glory.
Clutch it tightly as You bear the scorn.
As You are beaten, let it be Your consolation.
As You fall, may I accept the fall You endure
knowing that I am falling in Your precious hands.
As You are forsaken by friends,
look to my heart for comfort
for it has been forsaken many times as well.
As You endure mockery in Your time of glory,
let my heart console You
as a heart that is mocked by my own faults.
Lord, let my suffering be that for You:
a consolation to Your Sacred Heart
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
And as I receive Your Sacred Heart
in its totality through the Eucharist,
console my heart that longs to be consoled.

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